Homes crafted
for living.

Ballymore’s homes are a showcase of innovative design and exceptional detail. With distinctive architectural features and superior interior finishes, they reflect a commitment to quality and a bespoke approach to building. These homes stand out for their sustainability, crafted for modern living and designed to provide a welcoming, stylish environment.

Indulge in the luxury of spacious living, with rooms designed to feel open and airy, enhancing your sense of freedom and comfort. Our homes are crafted with longevity in mind, featuring state-of-the-art design for impeccable energy efficiency.
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Kitchens at Station Walk are designed to be the heart of the home, blending functionality and style.
With a focus on efficient layouts, these spaces are crafted to facilitate both cooking and social gatherings. Ample storage options ensure a clutter-free environment, with strategically placed appliances as standard.
We’re committed to sustainable living, incorporating eco-friendly features that not only meet but exceed current standards.
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Living Made Easy.
View plans and specifications for a range of new Houses at Station Walk.
Newbridge boasts an eclectic mix of cafes, shops and hidden gems on your doorstep.